Our main kennel boasts several different sized suites to provide a comfortable stay for any size guest- from chihuahuas to great danes, as well as allowing family members to room together.

For puppies and elderly guests, we have a separate kennel to provide a calmer environment for our more delicate visitors.

Our cat room gives each feline guest a room with a view! Each kitty suite has a window to our back yard. These suites also have multiple perches and a separate section for their litter box.

Personalized Care

Your pet’s health and happiness are of utmost importance to us. We take into account the needs of each individual pet at the time of check-in, and create a custom plan to suit them.

We provide everything your pet needs for a pleasant stay, including raised cots, cozy blankets, and clean food and water bowls.

We take our guests outside throughout the day to allow them time to potty, give them a change of scenery, and some exercise. During this time, our staff will interact with your pet, give them individual attention and monitor for any signs of illness.

Puppies and elderly guests are given even more TLC and cuddles.


We pride ourselves on keeping our facility clean and sanitary. Several times throughout the day, while our guests enjoy their time outside, our staff cleans and sanitizes our kennels, changes bedding, refills water dishes, and replaces food bowls.

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